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SYDEX VERTICAL API 676 PCP - E range.jpg

Vertical API 676 progressing cavity pumps 
- E range

The vertical API 676 progressing cavity pumps are also known as barrel emptying, vertical sump or semi-submersible pumps. Vertical pumps are suitable for numerous applications within the oil and gas, and chemical industries where high suction lifts (low NPSHa) are an issue. The pumps can be directly mounted inside a tank, keeping the motor safe from any potentially hazardous and/or corrosive environments.


Sydex has been successfully supplying progressing cavity pumps [pc pumps] into the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry for many years, including the Abu Dhabi pipeline project, and various other complex offshore platforms around the world. Our progressing cavity pumps are manufactured and tested to very high specifications (mechanical run, performance, NPSH, noise, vibration tests)


At Sydex, we understand that customers will require high levels of documentation in the oil & gas sectors. We can provide all types of documentation, from simple packages to full material certification and testing, including 3.1b, radiography, dye penetrant and many more.



  • Flowrate:
    up to 140 m3/h [616 USGPM]


  • Pressure:
    up to 24 bar [348 psi]


  • Range:
    25 models

API 676 pumps range advantages

  • Ideal for Oil & Gas applications

    • ​API 682 cartridge seals & API plan seal systems

  • High suction capacity (NPSH)

  • Small footprint

    • Vertical configuration to suit the constraints of confined spaces

  • Robust



The E range vertical API 676 progressing cavity pumps are ideal for oil & gas applications such as: 

  • Flare knock-out drum pumps

  • Produced water pumps

  • Low NPSH applications [high suction lift pumps]

  • Crude oil processing

  • Drilling Mud

  • Waste chemicals

  • Oil/water seperation



Square or circular tank support plate

Vertical column

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