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Industrial grinder – Defender range

Maintaining effective flow and preventing damage to pumps is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluids with a high level of solids or suspended materials. Installing a Sydex Defender grinder on the inlet side allows reducing particles to a small manageable size and eliminating the risks of blockage, backflow premature wear and pump damage.


As flow is not dependent on pressure this provides an ideal solution when fitted to the pump suction pipework, therefore protecting your pumps and plant from the risk of damage and downtime.

The Sydex Defender grinder can be provided with a control panel as option. Fitted with PLC controller and current sensors, the automatic control will put the grinder into a reverse cycle function in the event of material causing a jam such as a high-tensile bolt. The system can be programmed to stop the pumps to provide further safety protection.



  • Robust

  • High cutting performances

    • High quality and efficiency of the cuttings

  • Fast and secured installation

    • Secured installation through the support feet with bolt-holes

  • Cost effective solution

    • ​Wide range of connection fittings

    • Maximum reliability with the low speed, high-torque Sumitomo cycloidal gearbox




  • Flowrate:
    up to 200 m3/h [880 USGPM]


  • Range:
    3 models


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