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Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps - H range

Specially designed to satisfy the most rigorous food and hygiene requirements, the H hygienic progressing cavity pump range allows avoiding product contamination and spoiling during the production process.


This hygienic PCP is very respectful of the pumped product which is always transferred gently. The progressing cavity pump principle is inherently “low-shear”, also there are no sudden changes in the pumped fluid which would otherwise damage the product. Manufactured without any stagnation areas, the H range is available with cleaning in place systems (CIP) and bypass ports.


This food-grade progressing cavity pumps is suitable for a large variety of food and drinks applications. For concentrated highly viscous liquids, this pump can work at slow speed and can be manufactured with enlarged inlets or with auger and hopper to convey the material into the pump.

H range advantages


  • Versatile configuration

    • Full hygienic version (open pin joints)

    • Food grade oil lubricated joints

    • Auger feed for high viscosities

    • Multi-stages, high pressure

  • Ideal for hygienic applications and sensitive food products

    • Hygienic open pin joint system ensuring no contamination of pumped product

    • Seal housing specially designed to remove “dead areas”

    • FDA certified elastomers stators including white nitrile (stainless steel covers fitted as an option)

  • Cost effective solution

  • Easy and quick maintenance

    • Easy cleaning of the process line thanks to the stainless steel base plate with support feet


H range performances

  • Flowrate:
    up to 140 m3/h [616 USGPM]


  • Pressure:
    up to 24 bar [348 psi]


  • Range:
    36 models

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