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Sludge Progressing Cavity Pumps - K range

As sludge transfer pumps, the K range is high performance industrial progressing cavity pumps. This PCP, available in block or long coupled configuration, can be manufactured in different materials including cast iron, stainless steel 304 and 316 as well as Duplex and super Duplex steel (SAF 2205) in order to suit highly corrosive and difficult applications (high salinity laden liquids for example). This pump is also suited for general industry, wastewater, oil & gas and marine applications.

As the pin joint system is a critical part for any progressing cavity pump, Sydex has designed its own pin joint to ensure extremely long service life and provide a 2 years warranty for this system.

Firstly, by maximising the length of the coupling rod, we have ensured that the angular motion is kept to a minimum [less than 0.5 degrees]. Indeed, the less the angular motion, the less the forces and loads on the rotor end, and the pump drive shaft. This significantly extends stator life, and ensures the mechanical seal is not adversely affected by shaft deflection.

Many of our K range progressing cavity pumps use a 4 pin joint system, unlike our competitors who use only 2. By using this system, we are able to supply the coupling rod as a complete pre-assembled kit, making assembly and maintenance a simple task. The pin joint is securely sealed with an elastomer cover, and protected by a metallic sleeve. The joint is oil-lubricated ensure excellent heat dissipation. 

K range advantages

  • Robust

    • Wide variety of rotors, machined by Sydex, including vacuum hardening to provide exceptional service life

    • Unique Sydex 4 pin cartridge system with 2 years warranty

    • In-house stator manufacturing ensuring optimal geometry, performance and reliability

  • Compact

  • Cost effective solution

    • Extended connecting rod which ensures extremely low angularity and increases significantly stator/rotor and seal life​

  • Easy and quick maintenance

    • Maintenance ports fitted for easy access to spare parts (connecting rod, rotor ...)​

    • The entire connecting rod and joints can be supplied as pre-assembled component decreasing service and installation process.




















K range performances


  • Capacity:
    from 0.1 m3/h to 300 m3/h [from 0.44 t 1320 USGPM]


  • Pressure:
    up to 48 bar [696 psi]


  • Range:
    60 models


  • Configurations:

             -  Close coupled models available for most single stage pumps and many 2&4 stage models

             -  Long coupled can be offered for all models

Sydex BK close coupled progressing cavity pump
Close-coupled BK version
Long-coupled LK version

K range API 676 option for Oil & Gas applications


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