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Sydex company provides a wide range of products in order to offer you the best solution to your requirements including progressing cavity pumps, hopper PC pumps, grinders & macerators and shaftless screw conveyors.
All Sydex products are equally well suited in idustries such as chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, construction, mining, cosmetics and food. Whatever your pumping problems, Sydex has the solution.

Sludge progressing cavity pump -
K range

Suitable for general industry, waste water, oil & gas, marine and many more applications, the K range is a high performance progressing cavity pump available in block or long coupled configuration.

Compact progressing cavity pump -
FM range

This FM PCP range is a very compact free moulded design progressing cavity pump with maximum capacities in a minimum of space. This pump is ideal for waste water processing, marine and fluids transfer.

Metering progressing cavity pump -
M range

Designed for precise metering or viscous liquids dosing, the M progressing cavity pump range is ideal as a polymer dosing pump and can be supplied with a variable speed adjustment.

Hygienic progressing cavity pump -
H range

The H progressing cavity pump is specially dedicated to hygienic and food grade applications. This PC pump is available in polished stainless steel with optional CIP ports and FDA approved materials.

Vertical API676 progressing cavity pump - E range

The E vertical PCP range, specially designed to be immersed in a tank, can be adapted according to the dimensions and constraints of your installation. An API 676 version is also available for Oil & Gas applications.

Vertical barrel and drum progressing
cavity pump - BE range

Our range of E vertical tank and barrel progressing cavity pumps are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and are mainly used for transferring viscous liquids.

Feeding screw progressing cavity pump -
G range

The G wide-throat progressing cavity pump with auger are designed to handle fluids with very high dry solids content. The optimised hopper and auger design ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. 

Hopper progressing cavity pump -
W range

The Sydex W hopper progressing cavity pumps have been specifically designed for handling liquids with a viscosity greater than 10,000 cPs.

Mobile hopper progressing cavity pump -
WL range

Sydex WL series progressing cavity pumps are a variation of the W range and have been especially designed for wine production. They are supplied trolley mounted with a complete with control panel.

Macerator pump - Eliminator range

The legendary Sydex Eliminator pump is a combination PC pump and macerator. Surface mounted and self-priming, this pump has no rival in the market and is perfect to replace submersible pump problems.

Industrial grinder - Defender range

The Sydex defender grinder is the ideal equipment to protect your pumping process from large solids, rags and other debris which can cause expensive damage to your pumps.

Shaftless screw conveyors

Sydex horizontal and vertical screw conveyors are the recommended solution for conveying dry sludge. These versatile equipment can be provided in any length and with angles of inclination up to 35°.


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