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Feeding Screw 

Progressing Cavity Pumps - G range

Pumping highly viscous, solids laden and new-Newtonian fluids is a difficult and complex process. That is why, Sydex has developed and designed the G feeding screw progressing cavity pump range to ensure easy and efficient handling of high-viscosity fluids.

The wide diameter of the pump and the screw feeder combined with the enlarged hopper allow a high level of performances and maximize the volumetric efficiency of the rotor/stator. The design of the G range makes it the better hopper pump compared to other standard open-throat pumps.

G range advantages

  • Ideal for dehydrated and high-density fluids and biogas applications

    • Maximum conveying efficiency thanks to the auger design

    • Square sided hopper design to eliminate the possible solids build up

  • Low life cycle costs

    • No requirement for a bridge-breaker that allows to reduce power consumption and maintenance costs

    • Entire connecting rod and joints can be supplied as pre-assembled component making commissioning and/or replacement easier

  • Robust

    • ​Unique Sydex 4 pin cartridge system enabling higher reliability (2 year warranty)

    • In-house stator manufacturing ensuring optimum geometry, performance and reliability

    • In-house rotor machining available in a wide range of materials including vacuum hardening to provide exceptional service life.

Square sided hopper

Unique Sydex 4 pin

cartridge system

Geared motor


In-house manufactured stator

Precisely machined

Sydex rotors

G range performances


  • Flowrate:
    up to 100 m3/h [440 USGPM]


  • Pressure:
    up to 48 bar [696 psi]


  • Configuration:
    Available in close-coupled and long-coupled configurations

  • Range:
    22 models
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