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Biogas Progressing Cavity Pumps -
Bio-G range

Progressing cavity pumps are absolutely essential to the safe and efficient operation of today's biogas plant. Biogas, can be described as a combination of various gases which occur during the breakdown of organic food and waste material.


It is possible to produce Biogas from a variety of common produce which importantly include recycled waste. It is now recognised as a vital renewable energy source combined with the additional benefit of having a much reduced carbon footprint. As such it is often accepted as a major ecological benefit qualifying for relevant Governmental subsidies around the world.

The Biogas is produced by a process known as anaerobic digestion. This is the slow natural reaction caused by the anaerobic bacteria present in biodegradable materials such as food waste, raw sewage, plant material, and crops. The Biogas is mainly composed of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). There may also be trace amounts of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and siloxanes. The resultant gases can be can be combusted or combined with oxygen (oxidized) releasing energy which can then be used to drive a turbine to generate electricity or heat.

This is where the design of the progressing cavity pump must be given very careful consideration, since the presence of potential compressible and explosive, hazardous gases are combined with abrasive siloxanes. The Sydex Bio-G range includes a specifically designed hopper and auger system which has been optimised to provide efficient conveying using  tough, wear resistant materials, whilst eliminating the risk of hazardous compression.  Additionally, Sydex are ATEX and ISO9001-2008 TUV Nord certified, giving you the reassurance you need for this critical equipment on your biogas plant

Bio-G range advantages

  • Robust and reliable

    • Heavy duty and high quality bearing housing ensuring long and reliable service life

  • Quick and easy maintenance operations

    • Easy access to pump chamber through a large removable cover plates

  • Ideal for bogas applications

    • No compression within the pump chamber with the hopper. It has been designed to prevent solids build-up on sides

    • Efficient conveying of biogas fluids thanks to the auger design



















Options for sealing include Teflon packing with flush ring, or Mechanical seal 

Heavy-duty carbon steel hopper

Sydex heavy-duty 'U' joint system significantly out-performing competitor systems

bio g range
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