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Hopper Progressing Cavity Pumps - W range

The W hopper progressing cavity pump range has been specifically developed to handle difficult to pump, non-Newtonian liquids and liquids with viscosities greater than 10,000 Cps.

Based on the Moineau™ progressing cavity pump technology, the W range is provided with an auger, which is mounted inside the hopper, to convey the liquid into the pumping element [stator and rotor] enabling a trouble-free efficient pumping solution that few other pumps can provide.

W range advantages


  • Robust

    • In-house stator manufacturing ensuring optimized geometry, performance and reliability

    • In-house rotor machining available in different materials

  • Ideal for high viscosity fluids

    • Maximum conveying efficiency with the auger design​

    • Efficient conveyance into the pumping chamber through the angular sided hopper designed to guide high viscosity of non-free flowing liquids to auger

  • Easy maintenance

    • High reliability with the unique Sydex 4 pin cartridge system (entire connecting rod and joints can be provided as pre-assembled component to ease installation and maintenance)​


W range performances

  • Flowrate:
    from 0.1 m3/h to 200 m3/h [0.44 to 88 USGPM]


  • Pressure: 
    up to 24 bar [348 psi]


  • Viscosity:
    up to 10.000 cPo


  • Configuration:
    The W range is available in both close-coupled and long-coupled configuration


  • Range:
    34 models

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