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Syclone comes storming into areas of high pressure

Traditional progressing cavity pump 1:2 geometry limits the pressure generated to around 6 bar per stage, whilst manufacturing constraints and associated costs lead to multi stage pumps normally being offered in multiples of 2stages, typically 2S, 4S, 6S or 8S to achieve higher discharge pressures where needed.

Often the pressure range required is only just greater than that which a 2 stage pump can achieve but the application requirement forces the selection of a 4 stage unit to accomplish the necessary discharge head.

The jump from 2 stages to 4 stages has both a significant increase in cost and also in the overall length of the pump as a consequence.

By using a true profile ( even wall ) stator design, designated the Syclone, it is possible to increase the pressure gain by 30% - 100%, depending on stator size & media, generating an additional 4 to 12bar from a 2 stage pump. This is possible because the even wall thickness of the Syclone stator results in a more uniform expansion & increased accuracy of geometry which in turn provides a more effective seal line and hence less slip.

There are also other benefits offered by a consistent wall thickness, including:

  • Reduced starting and running torque

  • Lower power requirements

  • Less pump noise

  • A more stable fl­ow characteristic with better volumetric efficiency

  • Lower replacement costs when using expensive elastomers

At a cost significantly less than migrating to a 4 stage pump, the other overwhelming advantage is that the pump dimensions are virtually unchanged from those of a conventional 2 stage pump.

This stator geometry is currently available on an increasing number of Sydex 2-stage pumps in a variety of elastomers to suit a myriad of applications. If your requirement is one that can benefit from this technology then be assured that Torqueflow Sydex will certainly be offering it to you.

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