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Don’t let the b’stards grind you down; leave it to us…

Despite the rather gloomy economic forecast for 2015 we are far from despondent here at Torqueflow-Sydex. It’s a brand new year and we are kicking it off with an entirely new product range... The “Defender”, inline macerators.

Waste water, sewerage, biotech, chemical & pharmaceutical often involve handling fluids with significant solids content. These may vary immensely in size, materials and volume and transfer by conventional pumping may well be problematic if even possible. The use of macerators or grinders to reduce solids to a more manageable size is nothing new but to do so in an efficient cost effective package has been a challenge.

The new Sydex Defender is a compact single shaft inline macerator capable of reducing solids to a manageable 8 - 10mm size prior to pumping. Not only does this facilitate the means of transfer but often enables the use of smaller pumps to accomplish the task, thereby minimising both initial outlay and ongoing running cost.

When used in conjunction with the solids handling capability of the Sydex Progressing cavity pumps this creates a formidable combination of process capability and exceptional service life.

The knowledge & experience gained in the design, manufacture and support of its PC pumps has enabled Sydex to design a practical, effective and above all, reliable unit to fulfil this much needed role.

Catering for flow rates up to 200m3/h the 3 model range is suitable for inclusion in most 4, 6 or 8” pipelines as well as other bespoke applications.

If your problems need cutting down to size maybe we can help!

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