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Sydex and Biogas

Having just attended the UK AD & Biogas Expo at the NEC, Birmingham we have come away with a somewhat different perspective and more informed view. Unlike most industry sectors where there are clearly indentified “players” the world of sustainable energy, waste & spoilt foodstuffs, renewable & recycled materials is extremely wide ranging. It encompasses both large corporate and small scale energy producers, environmental & economic groups, commercial, municipal & even individual recycling centres. Biogas, one of the three by-product of anaerobic digestion is currently experiencing its highest ever level of take up, as reflected by the attendees at this year’s annual exhibition, and continues to grow in stature among the renewable energy sector.

In this seemingly, diverse and strangely insular group, an issue the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association ( ADBA) is trying to address with the presentations & seminars that are a key feature of this event, there would seem little common ground or indeed an identifiable market to which an equipment supplier might present their products and services in the traditional ways.

However, the fact that it is so unstructured is also a strength and benefit, affording as it does greater opportunity, free of rigid framework agreements, lengthy project timescales and demanding resource allocation and enables smaller enterprises to successfully compete, stimulating competition and innovation. We believe, with our range of Progressing cavity pumps, grinders, macerators & agitators we are well placed to support many, if not all, the process requirements of this disparate market and that we can be successful in doing so.

Although not specific to the AD application, we particularly, noted interest in our range of the Franklin Miller, grinders, shredders & macerators which readily provide uniform reduction prior to or during processing. Anything from animal carcasses to old glass bottles, biomass to clothing, keyboards to trainers. The ability to tolerate mixed waste prior to segregation or transfer, places the very durable and versatile Franklin Miller range above and beyond the scope of many other manufacturers and when coupled with long service life and easy maintenance is ideal for both large and small enterprises, especially if they are located in the more remote or outlying areas.

A very interesting show, well supported and certainly a worthwhile couple of days.

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